The Ultimate Guide to Sex Doll 2020

Sex Doll


What is a better way to enact your masturbation? Sex dolls offer you the best of it all – an excellent platform to enjoy unlimited carnal games whenever your desires its convenient. Among the fast-growing industries, the sex doll is one making huge escalated advancement not only in sales but executive designs.

So, what is Sex Doll?

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  1. What Is A Sex Doll

  2. Sex Doll History

  3. Sex Doll Material

  4. Sex Doll’s Types

  5. How To Make A Sex Doll

  6. Benefits To Sex Doll

  7. How To Choose A Sex Doll

  8. How Much is a Sex Doll

  9. How To Have Sex With Sex Doll

  10. Custom A Sex Doll

  11. How To Clean Sex Doll

  12. How To Store Sex Doll

  13. Sex Doll’s Shipping and Taxes

  14. Tips and Reminders for Sex Doll

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What Is A Sex Doll

A sex doll is a solid sex toy type designed in the shape, size and general appearance of a sexual partner for help with masturbation. Other reliable sources like Wikipedia refers to it as a love doll or adult doll. A sex doll comes in multiple models consisting of those with full-body sections and those that do not.  A partial body sex dolls, in this case, are the torsos. They consist of dolls with only upper or lower body sections from the waist. However, both the full size and the torsos come with accessories, the anus, penis, vagina and mouth for sexual stimulation and engagement.

The 69realdoll collection consists of both male and female sex dolls. The models here vary from material type to shape, design, race and general appearances. Under material terms, we have the TPE and silicone sex dolls. A male sex doll will have the muscles and the build-up body while a female one, sexy curves and erotic accessories. The latest design available is the AI dolls. They exhibit more of anthropomorphic feature characteristics. These dolls can warm, move, vibrate in some sections and maintain a precise conversation.

Our sex dolls are highly customizable. This allowance enables you to have the exact sex doll design you want – even that which resembles a celebrity. We will help you change the eyes, orifices, hair type or color, nipple type and so on. You should not confuse our lovely dolls with the blow-up/ inflatable types. What we have are solid sex dolls with the most realistic touch and physical appearance.

Sex Doll History

Sex dolls have come a long way to the now, elegant, lifesize, and realistic designs. The entire idea cropped back in the sixteenth century among Spanish and French sailors who stayed long in their voyage. Their models back then were sewn structures from old and embroidered clothes. The initial idea backing-up this innovation was to have a more convenient masturbation aid to help quench their sexual lust, having stayed long away from their women.

Later, within the Rangaku period, the Dutch people sold some of these dolls to the Japanese, who named them ‘Dutch wives.’ Subsequently, in the 1950s, many other new advanced models come up, which were more life-size. The significant artists involved were Oskar Kokoschka and Hans Bellmer. During the time, the Nazis were their primary users.

In the 1970s, the majorly used materials for sex doll construction were latex,  and vinyl. Silicone among these three was considered best following its ability to design more realistic sex doll structures.

One conventional sex doll model during this period was the inflatable sex doll. These were vinyl made designs featuring crudely designed genitals, eyes and wigs. They had either glass or plastic eyes and varied wig types and could not last long. Most of them could burst after a few times of use.

The latest sex doll models are successors of many other models that came in between until today. What we have now are the high-end silicone and TPE sex dolls. In 2012, the Chinese manufacturer, “RealDoll”  started the use of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in sex dolls making. TPE shared several excellent qualities with silicone and that earned it the preference.

Sex Doll Material

Before today’s elegant, TPE, and Silicone sex dolls, there were several pre-models tracking back to where it all started. The original sex dolls’ designs were from old clothes and sewn cloth. Later after several advancements in various designs came the inflatables sex doll models. These were a bit real from their overall design, which included welded vinyl material.The inflatables had crudely designed orifices or penis, glass/ plastic eyes, and wigs. Because of their better look, buyers overlooked their disadvantages. These dolls were less durable and could burst after a few times of use.

TPE Sex Doll VS Silicone Sex Doll

What is the difference between TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll? TPE sex doll is much cheaper than silicone sex doll, TPE sex doll touch feels better than silicone sex doll, but silicone sex doll looks more realistic than TPE sex doll, Silicone material can withstand heat longer than TPE. For this reason, it is even more convenient to warming your silicone doll on a hot bath.

TPE Vs Silicone Sex Doll 1200x800 - The Ultimate Guide to Sex Doll 2020

There are more small details about TPE and silicone material, Please Check out our long article: TPE Sex Doll VS Silicone Sex Doll

The 15 Types Of Sex Dolls

Robot Sex Dolls

The realization of a fully optimized robot sex doll is an ongoing process. Various robot industries are exhaustively working towards the achievement of this not-so-far dream. Their efforts up to now have however produced the artificially intelligent robot sex doll which now adds significantly to sexual fantasies. Apart from their humanly matching resemblance, they come with more advanced robotic components to enhance their life-like designs.

Big Boobs Sex Dolls

Huge breast is one feature that keeps some nether unrest. The feeling of touching, massaging or even staring at them adds more satisfying erotic meaning to many sex players. Big boobs sex dolls are therefore available for this purpose – providing you with unlimited access. Big enough sizes will bury your face and nether, giving you the maximum pleasure you want

Big Booty Sex Dolls

Do big spongy booties trigger your sexual emotions and thrill? Well, at 69realdoll we have some of the pretty big ass sex doll design that will blow your mind. Our collection composes of a wide variety of big butts sex dolls classified in various subcategories. We, therefore, have the big butts sex dolls but with other different features like big tits, muscular body, blonde hair and many others.

BBW Sex Dolls

BBW sex dolls are some of the markets’ top rankings due to their high demands. Chubby sex dolls, like some, refer to them, are plus size love robots designed for select people with such particular preferences. One most definitive feature for them is their massive body size.

Small Breast Sex Dolls

Small but lucratively sweet, that is what our great small breast sex doll category offer. It is a selection of premium sex dolls with relatively small breast yet soft and smooth to touch. Their realistic nature makes them quite an attractive feature for most fanatics.

America Sex Dolls

An America Sex dolls are copy and paste look-alike love robot of real Americans. For their purpose, they come with features that create the most erotic experience you fancy.  Their physical beauty entails pretty long and sharp nose for some, sexy curves, big/ small tits, huge ass, and a lot more. Each of these sexy sex doll designs available comes either in silicone or TPE material make.

Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese sex dolls are some of the Asian’s most resembling love dolls coming with pretty sexual features. Their preference over other models is a contribution of their elegant, sexy appearance plus high convenience seen in their purpose.

Celebrity Sex Dolls

Celebrity sex dolls make sexual fantasies with the world’s iconic superstars a reality to experience. Before, these never existed, but thanks to the new artistry developments heightened at the sex doll’s industry. They now can provide, copy-paste replica of actual persons in their designs. Meaning you can now have unlimited time with your’ supertar.’ How incredible!

Teen Sex Dolls

Every teen sex doll in our collection comes with key sexual features from orifices to beauty and handsomeness. They all are either TPE or silicone and are highly customizable. Basing on our reliable supply sources, we always guarantee ultimate performance for any of these dolls.

Anime Sex Dolls

Anime sex doll series features those love dolls with various appearance characteristics mostly like: big eyes, elf ears, cute innocent face, huge breasts, colored hair, petite body and life-size body and much more – you can never miss your type.

Mini Sex Dolls

Save your space, enjoy the portability, and count on high affordability while you have sexual fun with your mini sex doll. The small sex doll is a no new item in the current sex doll markets. It comes in various types defined broadly by the material type, silicon, or TPE. Both offer similar functional advantages, fully satisfying sexual needs and interest of it many users.

Black Sex Dolls

Black sex dolls are no exception when it comes to granting uttermost sexual experiences. Through their characteristic erotic features, quality designed black real dolls will always keep your nether unrest.

Mature MILF sex dolls

Mature Milf sex dolls are one of our most distinct collections consisting of relatively ‘older’ dolls. Imagine that sexy beautiful woman married already in her late twenties and not exceeding mid-thirties. She probably has one or two kids – these are the people our dolls here represent. These dolls are ideal for those in their forties and fifties and above who want sexual partners well matching their age.

TPE Sex Dolls

The softness and high flexibility of TPE material make it the most suitable alternative to silicone in designing sex dolls. For amateurs, it can be at times difficult to differentiate the actual difference between these two as for their close resemblance in various quality aspects. Despite silicone being the overall best, a TPE sex doll is no lesser erotic performer to love doll fanatic

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls receive credit from every market they appear. From torsos to full-size sex dolls, sex toys to even mini sex dolls, they always stand to be the best. The praises are, however, worth following the high authenticity and suitability of silicone material used in their making.

How To Make A Sex Doll

Before you could have that beautiful or handsome sexy doll, it undergoes lots of mandatory manufacturing procedures. Here below is a complete step-by-step procedure of the entire process.

Sex Doll 1199x800 - The Ultimate Guide to Sex Doll 2020
  1. First, is to mix a variety of chemicals and powder materials before pouring them into a dummy framework with the shape of a sex doll. The resulting sex doll parts from this process will then be assembled and fixed together by the makers. These parts include the accessories which are, face, legs, hands, and torsos.
  2. Next process concern the skeleton making. Sex dolls use handcrafted steel skeleton with joints. Some cases also involve the PVC or light metal forming part of it. The joint’s crafting procedures ensure they remain movable and highly flexible to enable easy positioning of the sex doll.
  3. Once the liquid mixture has cooled, the resulting sex doll is removed from the framework. From here, the handcrafting process begins. The manufacturers in charge will now do the fixings and assembling of parts.
  4. From the moulding process, the sex doll undergoes cleaning procedure involves adding in a smooth finish and high-gloss.
  5. Next is the inspection. This process involves the removal of all the rough edges, ensuring it is all smooth. Once this is done, cleaning follows to remove any unwanted particles.
  6. The last procedure is adding the orifices, the vagina, penis and anus after their thorough clean up. Now the sex doll will be ready for packaging and use as well.

Different manufactures might have their particular way of going all through these. However, the very standard they will follow is always this

Benefits To Sex Doll

Sex dolls are masturbation aids designed and used for sexual convenience. Several benefits more so health related attach to their usage hence compelling interest and even purchase. Below are some of the top advantages associating with sex doll’s usage.

Health Benefits

  • Reduces stress

Several research on sex reveals that it significantly reduces stress. Sex triggers the ‘feel happy’ hormones in humans and therefore tend to ease depressive feelings.

  • Boosts libido

You are likely to like sex more when you often have it. Sex creates happy and satisfaction feeling in your brain which therefore introduces addiction.

  • Forms part of exercise

Sex involves lots of muscle movements which therefore makes it part of body exercise. Remember, exercises promotes quality blood flow and builds body immunity.

  • It improves bladder control in women

Movements of vaginal muscles during sex is an excellent exercise that improves women’s bladder control system.

  • Reduces pain

A quick and natural way to reduce chronic pain is act sex. Adult dolls will give you an opportunity to all it all you want.

Health benefits of using a sex doll could more similar to that of human sex. There are a lot other benefits you may gain from sex dolls however, you must be cautious too. You can injure yourself if you play extremely rough.

Other sex doll benefits

  • It is a sex training platform

If you are sex amateur, sex dolls could be an excellent platform to enact your training. On this, you need to choose the best doll according to your sexual preferences and practice the various sex plays and styles. Soon you will be a pro.

  • Sex dolls boost sex confidence towards sex

When you know you can satisfy your partner in bed, you gain a high level of sexual confidence. While practicing on sex dolls, you will adapt more helpful skills like how to control ejaculation periods which all beneficial.

  • Sex dolls will give you company

If you are not ready to marry yet, but want sex partner, a sex doll could be more of a better partner than you think. They will never cheat, they will always be at home waiting for you and more. Sex dolls do not snob, get moody or limit you on sexual matters.

There are new, highly advanced sex doll models ready in the market. Our comprehensive collection has it all. Get your most suitable one and begin enjoying all these great benefits.

How To Choose A Sex Doll

There are so many sex dolls in the market, and that can be confusing, but there are several factors that you can consider to make your decision easier. Those factors include your budget, the materials used in making the sex doll, and your appearance preference.


You can choose a sex doll according to your budget. If you just have a limited budget under 100 dollars, then you can try sex doll vigina or sex doll Butt.they are just a small part of sex doll, so they won’t cost much. And if your budget is under 500 dollars, then you have more widely chosen options. sex doll legs and sex doll torso, even mini sex dolls. While if you have 1000 dollars, then you may buy a cheap TPE sex doll. normally the sex doll selling price between 1000 and 2000 dollars. When you want to buy a high-end sex doll above 2000 dollars, then you can consider a silicone sex doll or a robot sex doll.


TPE or silicone are ideal materials in the sex dolls making. Their existence qualities heighten the better convenience for a better sex doll’s production. Each material has pros and cons.

TPE is generally a cheap material compared to silicone, and this fact also reflects on its dolls.Despite featuring plastic elements, TPE material for sex dolls remains odourless.TPE material feels soft, smooth and comfortable in its making.

While silicone material sex doll is far much better than of a TPE doll of the same type. They last long, highly resist heat and stains and are less porous to water. The silicone material is quite ideal in designing some of the best realistic sex dolls. and all silicone sex dolls generally cost higher than TPEs.

Your Tastes

Sex dolls just like human beings, they are so many types of dolls.big boobs,big ass,small body,plus size body.Japanese sex dolls,America sex dolls,black sex dolls… you can choose what you like.

Learn More About How To Choose A Sex Doll

How Much Is a Sex Doll

The price of a sex doll is a subject to various consideration about model and suppliers. If you are shopping for one, the amount you will spend should direct you to the best sex doll you need. The following description explains the price ranges for various dolls that you can use while making your choices.

  • $100 – $600: Most small sex dolls falls in this category. The small sex dolls also referred to as tiny or miniature sex dolls come with a height of between 60cm to 65cm. Their average weight is 20Kgs, thus they are highly portable. Because of their low price range, they mostly fall in the cheap sex doll category.
  • $800 – $900: This price range consists of TPE sex dolls with relatively small heights, between 100cm and 125cm. These dolls come with a more realistic appearance better than the miniature dolls. They feature crafted accessories for vaginal, anal and oral usage.
  • $1,000 – $2,000: Within this price range, we have life-size and lifelike sex dolls with a more realistic appearance. They share the same height as real humans and come with body features like curves, complexion, and pubic hair like real humans. It is here you will find the big ass sex dolls, the broad tit types and many other inclusive models.
  • Above $2,000: The best silicone sex doll lies within this range along with the most realistic TPE types. It is here you will find the artificially intelligent sex dolls the robot types and all other best varieties.

Learn More About How Much Will a Sex Doll Cost By Your Budget

How To Have Sex With Sex Doll

The usage of a sex doll mainly revolves around its purpose for sex. Below are some of the various procedures on how a sex doll works.

Lubricating you doll

Lubrication of orifices is important for smooth, satisfying sex. For sex dolls, there are so many lubricants recommended for this purpose. However, the very best ones are the water-based types. These may not cause any damage results on your dolls. You can try a variety to find your most suiting one.

Foreplay practices with your doll

To initiate your sexual moods, you can play all the foreplay games at your sex doll. You can kiss, hug, or erotically touch them.  A realistic sex doll comes with a realistic touch, a mouth that can open and have tongue and teeth, and lifelike genitals. Those meant to give hyper-realistic experience come with sexy body curves, temperature and sound technology, among many other features.

Sex with a real Sex doll

A full-size sex doll offers you all sex types you need, from blow jobs, anal and vaginal sex. For female sex dolls, these orifices are deep, and all are accommodating. Men dolls, on the other hand, come with an erect 7-in penis or thereabout with realistic feel and appearance. However, on this, it is important to note that some dolls do have replaceable or interchangeable genitals. This is even more advantageous for the trans-sexuals. They can change their male sex dolls to be female and enjoy their sessions with them.

Sex with a sex doll can equally be satisfying if you have dolls of your better choice. Those with features you most prefer.

Custom A Sex Doll

The creation of your dream sex doll may not be as complicated as you may think – it more so depends on the options you have selected on it. The only two methods involved in this are the full and or half customization. Most sex dolls suppliers have made all these options accessibly easy for you. The following details explain details on how these two work.

Full Custom Dream Doll

Full customization in sex dolls means creating an entirely new doll but basing all the features to the client’s preference. Many sex doll suppliers and manufacturers are accepting these orders. However, what they will need from you are more specific details relating to the kind of sex doll you want.

Often, they will need photos of the person you want your doll to resemble, their body data, plus other related info. Through this data, the factory will design the exact sex doll type you want with your specified features. If you want a pornstar resembling a sex doll, then, it is even much stress-free. Get their nude photo; at least that would help in designing the orifices more precisely.

Half Custom Dream Doll

Half customization is another way to create your custom sex doll. The process involves choosing different but already present sex doll parts/sections and joining them to form a full doll. For every selection, you make, however, your focus will be on color and design preferences. For instance, you may choose a blue eye to replace green, a pink nipple to replace brown, and so on.

Other half customization options also include feet type (standing or plain), skin and hair color, vagina type (fixed or removable), and pubic hair. For either full or half customizations, many reliable sex doll suppliers have their defined procedures. You must know how any of these works before placing your order.  

Learn How to Custom A Sex Doll More Details

How To Clean Sex Doll

Cleaning your doll occurs in various ways. You may only cleanse the body, wig, or orifices. Each of these demand goes with specific procedures.

Cleaning sex doll’s body

Before beginning on any cleaning procedure here, you must take not which doll type you are dealing with, Silicone or TPE. Silicone is not water porous at least not as much as TPE. Hence cleaning it is a lot easier.

You can keep the doll in a water tab to net level and with a soft scrubber cleanse all her body. Also, an overhead shower can work for this process. However, before going into all these, it will be more convenient to have them wigless and if possible without orifices.

When dealing with TPE sex dolls, a little more caution will be needed. These dolls are a bit more porous and may easily allow water in through their skin. Bath tab bathing might not be quite recommended for it. The best cleaning method, therefore, should be flashing water and wiping clean their body.

Cleaning sex doll’s orifices           

Orifices are the most crucial parts of sex dolls that should maintain high levels of hygiene. The most recommended way to do this involves both the right equipment and tools. The use of antibacterial detergents and swab sponges are highly recommendable for this purpose. Also, remember to rinse thoroughly with warm water then use a clean towel to dry.

Cleaning wigs

Cleaning your doll’s wig works best when they are off the head. Pour some cold water in a based then squeeze a substantial amount of shampoo before you bubble it and insert your combed wig.

Next, rinse your wig thoroughly and let it dry on a stand. When dry you can now fix it back to your doll.

How To Store Sex Doll

Proper storage for sex dolls remains critical as long as longevity is on the greater concern. There are several manufacture approved means through which you can appropriately store your sex dolls of whichever kind. However, you must note that it is more of where than how that matters in sex doll better storages.

Here below are some of the best ways and places you can well-store your sex dolls.

Two most recommended ways to store your sex doll

  • Hanging

One better way you store your dolls is by hanging them. This method works more conveniently if you have a shelf or closet within a secure room. The general procedure in this involves detaching the doll’s head-neck section from the body then hanging the body while mounting the head.

Other different procedures may exist for hanging more so depending on the type of sex doll you have. You can always contact us for more help and direction on this.

  • Lying

Lying is another means of sex doll storage. You can do it on various surfaces, beds, floors or any other. What matters most here is cushioning. Sex dolls are weighty, and if you let them lay on one side for long and hard surfaces, deformation chances could be high – the weight will concentrate on one side. This is even more dangerous with TPE sex dolls – their deformed sections may not quickly rebound.

Either lying or handing, it is critical to secure your dolls from moisture and dust as that may easily damage them.

Best places you can store/ hide your sex dolls

For either hiding or actual storage, you better chose any of the following recommended places.

  1. Under the bed
  2. Golf Hard Case
  3. Couch Bench
  4. Closet
  5. Utility rooms
  6. Locked Travel Case


  • Avoid moist and dusty environment for sex doll storage
  • Clear your sex dolls before storage
  • Storing your sex doll in a standing position may be risky as they may fall – always ensure they are secure.

Sex Doll’s Shipping And Taxes

Our shipping procedures are quite efficient to all our clients regardless of where they come from. We will always use the best, most reliable parcel transfer mode to have the product delivered at your doorstep within the specified time. Our methods in these transportations worldwide involve either of the following private delivery services; DHL, Fed, and or UPS. The best we chose are always those operational to your region.

Concerning shipping fee and taxes, 69realdoll takes care of all that. We do incorporate it in the total sales price, however, at a discounted percentage to limit your spending also. As a company, we never want to explore you financially nor inconvenience you with our services.  Our focus is on being your go-to, most reliable supplier, sex Doll Company.

US Warehouse

69realdoll is a worldwide sex doll distributor with spread arms to manifest its effective supply strategies. One of our major warehouses is in the US. All our clients coming from the region now can place their orders and receive them in not more than a week, 3-7 days. As part of making your sex life a lot better, we have stocked our latest sex dolls models featuring the ultra-lifelike features.

Just name it, we have all the many sex doll varieties for an elaborate selection. Our categorization considers height, body sizes and complexion, orifice type, appearance, and even technology installed – see our listing below.

So far, the warehouse is set and running. It has the best facilities and equipment for quality storage, more especially. Those near (give location) can quickly and reliably collect their item rather than waiting for delivery. Otherwise, our delivery services remain outstanding – we either use UPS or FedEx for this purpose as of their exceptional reliability. Once you place your order, they will read you in time and one piece. Note that our sale prices for the items will include the taxes; hence no need to have a separate budget for it.

As a company, we are entirely dedicated to ensuring our clients from all walks of life enjoy and experience the excellent service and products we offer. Browse through our incredible collection below from our warehouse and reach us anytime you are ready to invite these beautiful maidens to your bed.

Tips And Reminders For Sex Doll

Learn how to best care for your doll. The longevity of a sex doll depends on material; TPE or silicon; however, beyond that, there is a handling element. If you so wish, you can have even the less durable sex doll like the TPE type lasting a life-time with no even a single scratch.

Below are these tactical ways you can use in handling these fantastic love partners.

1.0. Proper cleansing

As obvious as it may seem, cleaning your sex dolls is a winning tip towards preserving its good look and promoting its durability. Different manufacturers have already given notes on how best to maintain different sex doll models hygienically. They say, for instance, do not deep your TPE sex doll wholly in water. Also, it is recommendable that you avoid hard scrubbing on your dolls as that would only cause scratches.

Most of all, cleaning the sex doll more so after use carries much essentiality. It helps avoid foul odors and internal decay at the orifices causing infections.

2.0. Mindful storage

Where you store your love dolls quite matters; always, you need safe, dust-free environments far away from any humid conditions. Specially designed hangers are also a better tool in the sex doll storage. It will help you store the doll in the most recommended positions—a keen focus on all these drives the lifespan of your doll to greater heights.

3.0. Reasonable sex play

Sex dolls are not pained sensitive. They will not let you when their legs, neck, or backbone is breaking. As the user, you always need to mind the kind of sex styles you enact on your dolls. Generally, they may be strong; however, a rough game can always disable their proper functionality.

4.0. Use the recommended sex tools for your dolls

It is all clear; sex dolls never produce sexual fluids. For this reason, do not attempt to engage in dry sex with your doll. A smooth sexual experience in these scenarios needs lube to make the penetrations all frictional and, for that reason, more exciting.

5.0. Keep it off excess temperatures

All sex dolls are of synthetic material. Silicon, though, may indicate signs of high-temperature resistance, but it’s never absolute. Any explosion to excess temperature always because of melting, which causes severe damages.


Sex dolls are soon taking the sex life space; how ready are we for this? The 21st century has yielded the world’s best, most realistic sex dolls that ever existed. Still, more explosions are underway in designing improved versions of what we already have. Who knows, maybe in the next century, we might have sex dolls that can conceive.

The fact is sex dolls have come a long way to be where they are now. So far, they have been great substitutes to life sex partners we had or already have. They have played and still play the substitute role quite well.

If you are looking for one, you, therefore, only need to specify your preferences. In a grand collection such as ours, the 69readoll, you never miss your most admirable choice. Go ahead and place your order today for quick processing and free shipping.