How Much Will Most Expensive Sex Doll Cost

Most expensive sex doll

Most expensive!! That sends a cold chill on many buyers. As much as sex dolls are known to be costly; however, the ‘most expensive’ brings a more different picture. I have for long been a sex doll fanatic, and that means I have been following details on their prices as well. Despite being overly costly, sex dolls also vary significantly in price terms as defined by the exact nature of their models.

The most expensive sex doll will be one outstanding model with high uniqueness in its category of selection. Its major defining features are always elegant and advanced hence offering an absolute performance. In this brief essay chat, I will share with you more details concerning the most expensive sex doll. How different are they? Why are they so selling high? Let us find out all these.

Robot Sex Doll - How Much Will Most Expensive Sex Doll Cost
robot sex doll

What Is The Most Expensive Sex Doll

A better definition of this varies quite a lot. Remember, expensive is a relative term. However, I’ll try to define it using more cheap words. The reference here is on those dolls, which are relatively costly, looking across the price spectrum. They consist of high-end dolls featuring more realistic/ lifelike features and traits.

Robot Ai sex dolls, if you have associated more sex dolls, you might have heard of them. These are one of the latest models which generally sell at high rates. If you find the most realistic type of them, it is even more expensive. Such dolls are lifelike; they come with more human-like traits like soft and smooth skin, the ability to warm and produce sound, and exhibit varied movement types.

Like in most items on sale, high prices often relate to high durability, quality performance, and best of design. The same applies to the most expensive sex dolls. They are the most lucrative yet fulfilling sex dolls with no regrets. However, despite all these positivities, going by sexual preferences always gives you the best sex doll you can have.

What Is The Difference Between Expensive Sex Doll And Standard Sex Doll

Another way to put this is what factors contribute to the high cost of some sex dolls? Aside from the overall high cost of sex dolls, it is yet possible to find those models that sell at even much higher prices; what could be the reason?

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I tried researching this, and through various reliable resources, I came into the conclusion of the following four main items.  

Material Type

The type of material used in the sex doll’s production far contributes to its final cost. Two main and ideal materials for this purpose are always silicone and TPE.  Each of these features more convenient properties such as high flexibility, enabling the production of lifelike/ realistic dolls.

Between silicone and TPE, there is always a thin line of difference determined by quality. Silicone, in this case, tends to be more expensive due to its high-quality level than TPE. It lasts longer, shows high resistivity to temperatures and stains; also, it is easy to clean than TPE. A collection of top-end silicone sex dolls such as the AI and robotic types, therefore, will always sell at much higher rates than any other TPE doll.

Design; Size Dimensions

Have you visited a sex doll showroom before? Well, you would be overwhelmed by the various models you will meet. Sometimes take your time and check out the various online seller platforms; the design could be more than you can count. From the big boobs sex dolls, blonde, ebony, flat-chested to many others like the milf, the tiny sex dolls, the list is long! All these, however, is to give you the buyer a choice basing on sexual preferences.

However, beyond the material, another most iconic price determinant factor for sex dolls is the design. Here, I am referring to the size dimension of an adult doll. You must perhaps be aware of the full/ lifesize sex dolls and the tiny and torsos. All these are sex dolls; however, the major difference between them is the design and so dimensions.

Full-size sex dolls always require more material in their construction than the tiny type or torsos. However, that translates into higher production costs which equally increases their price tags. Also, when we consider body sizes, there is still price variance. A BBW doll, however, of small size could still be used more materials than a slender type. It, therefore, means they will sell at much higher rates.

Supplier Prices

Different sex doll suppliers set price rates depending on various factors they consider, such as the cost of production. Because of this, you will always witness the price difference on the same doll sold by various shops. When doing your shopping, therefore, considering various choices from different shops is always necessary. The difference at times may not be all that huge; however, you could still save little bucks to budget for other essentialities like lube oil.

Why Should I Buy The Most Expensive Sex Doll And Not Any Other

If you are asking this, here is your most comprehensive answer. Most expensive sex dolls generally are of high-quality design for ultimate performance. Amongst the models in this list are the realistic/ lifelike sex doll coming with quite advanced technological features closely imitating human traits. These dolls feature the most realistic appearance of smooth and soft skin, human-like body shape and size, beauty, and cuteness.

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Most of these dolls also sensors to help interpret arousing sexual touches. They can, therefore, show recognizable reactions such as moaning whenever they feel aroused. In this relation, sex doll producers are also researching deeply on ways to come up with much more realistic dolls – those that would do more. As expected, they will be even more expensive.

How To Select The Best Most Expensive Sex Doll: Features To Consider

Most of the most expensive sex dolls are already the best types you can get. They exhibit a high-end design with quality features contributing to their high prices. However, though, within this top collection, you can still make your best choice.

The following points are critical; they will guide you into your most suiting sex doll.


A sex doll that will last you long enough should be the best to choose. Silicone types tend to indicate higher longevity contributed by resistivity to stains and high temperatures.

Specific Price

Overspending on items you buy can be quite inconveniencing when working on a fixed budget. It is only necessary to purchase those sex dolls falling within your budget; that way, you will be able to save for other essentials.

Design Structure; Big Ass, Small Boobs, Etc

Sexual preference is key when making your choice on the best, most expensive sex doll. There are several models to chose from; flat-chested, round ass, mini, torso, big ass, and a lot more.

Where Can I Get The Most Expensive Sex Doll

If you are spending lots of money on the purchase of your best sex doll, then quality assurance is key. How do you ensure quality? A reliable sex doll supplier will always provide you with top-quality dolls with the most suiting features you yearn.

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If you are planning to buy one of these most expensive sex dolls, better do your proper research first. That will enable you to explore the various available models plus chose from whom to buy, those with fair prices.


If you are looking for high-profiled sex dolls, go for the most expensive types. Almost all of them will have the design and features of real humans. Alternatively, however, there are relatively cheap sex dolls you can as well resort to when working on a lower budget. These also come in varied models defined by specific designs.

The bottom line in choosing your best sex doll in either of the categories entirely depends on personal considerations and preferences. Always, you should go for that doll wit the best sexual features you prefer; the rest of the consideration factors will follow.

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