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MIni sex doll

What Is A Mini Sex Doll

Mini sex doll is a select category consisting of sex doll models with ‘small’ heights, about 60 cm to averagely 100 cm. Other markets refer to them as either small sex dolls or miniature dolls. Like the full-size sex dolls, a mini sex doll comes with the entire package of sexy features that helps fulfill their purpose.

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Various Mini Sex Doll Categories

All mini sex dolls are either made from silicone or TPE material – that makes their broader classification. However, within each of these, there are a lot more categories defined by quality, structure, and even weight.

Below is an illustrative list of the various mini sex doll categories you can select from.

TPE Mini Sex Doll

The TPE mini sex doll category consists of basically all those dolls made from TPE material. Their realistic nature and appearance are similar to any other life-size TPE sex doll model. They come with soft and smooth skin, customizable eyes, hair, and sometimes orifices.

Also, within this category, there are torsos mini sex dolls that equally servers their purpose quite well. They come in a variety of samples based on design. Their orifices are highly accommodative and skin, smooth and soft for arousal touch.

Mini Silicone Sex Doll

Mini silicone sex doll category consists of all dolls silicone made. Silicone is an ideal material to design the most realistic sex doll’s skin. It gives such a soft and smooth finish almost precisely like that of real humans. Also, for its high durability, it gives these dolls an added life span while keeping on its excellent service.

Under the mini silicone sex doll category, you also expect to find other models like the big ass, muscular, teen, and many others.

Silicone Head+TPE Body Mini Sex Doll

It is under this mini sex doll selection that silicone and TPE materials meet. The Silicone Head+TPE body Mini Sex Doll is a unique sex doll design featuring both TPE and silicone materials. The doll’s head in this category is of silicone while the rest of the body, TPE. This combination is to create that highly durable yet functional design meeting all the sexual pleasures at an affordable cost.

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Silicone Head+TPE body Mini Sex Doll category as well contains within it, specific models. These include the muscular sex dolls, the teen, muscular, ebony, and many others.

Anime Mini Sex Doll

An Anime mini sex doll is a sex doll that bears features resembling those of an animal. These features include yellow eyes, extending ears, unique body complexions, and so on. Equally, under this category, there are more other models defined by body curve, select size, and even weight. Hence you will find the muscular dolls, huge ass, Japanese, blonde, among many others.

Blonde Mini Sex Doll

Like the full size, blonde mini sex dolls come with all the fancy sexy features topped by their fair or pale yellow skin. Same as with other mini-doll selections, they also come in various body shapes, sizes and curves. They consist of the teen mini sex dolls, big boobs, muscular, huge ass, and so on.

The most significant classification of the blonde mini sex dolls is on the material type. They are either TPE or silicone made.  Furthermore, there are the most realistic ones with AI and more robotic features.

Big Ass Mini Sex Doll

The big ass mini sex doll category is another most liked selection. The big as sex dolls come with varied ass sizes but generally big, giving them a sexually attractive figure. They come with the three orifices except for the torsos, which has two.

Big Ass mini Sex doll category also consists of other sex doll models defined by nativity, complexion, bra size, and a lot more. Thus, you can have a big ass sex doll but with huge tits or muscular body.  

Best Mini Sex Dolls In 2020

2020 has lots of beautiful and handsome mini sex dolls with quite sexy features. The list below is some of the best ones the current market offers and is available at 69realdoll.

Bernice 100cm C cup real sex dolls

The mini sex doll Bernice is a sexy TPE and realistic love doll with most admirable features. With a height of 100 cm only, she comes with all the orifices, vagina, anus, and mouth and a big pair of tits. Her fair skin is smooth and soft, drawing the realistic feel when touched. Beneath her TPE skin is a steel skeleton with flexible joints to allow repositioning.

Tisha 100cm A Cup love dolls

Tisha is another excellent mini sex doll model wearing a premium TPE skin. The 100 cm Japanese mini sex doll offers ultimate sexual experience with her sexy body curves and orifices. Her repositioning firmness is a contribution of an internal steel skeleton featuring highly flexible joints.

Tisha is available in varied customization options concerning its nipples, vagina, eyes, and body complexion.

Grizel 65cm mini love dolls

The 65cm tall Grizel is one pretty sex doll with a slender but exotic body. The TPE designed doll is a blonde mini-doll with three orifices and smooth, soft skin. Beneath her skin is a steel metal featuring flexible joints to enable its positioning.

Most of her body parts from head to toe are customizable. Thus, she can have different eye colors, nipples, and vagina types (removable or not). Also, there is a further choice for those with pubic hair or not.

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Claire 63cm A cup anime sex doll

Clare is an Anime mini sex doll with A cup bra size. The pretty doll has high-quality TPE making its skin and steel skeleton its internal structure. The most realistic 63cm doll with long customizable blonde hair and blue eyes which adds to its attractiveness.

Camille 100cm C cup realistic sex doll

Camile is also one of the markets’ top 5 best mini sex dolls for 2020. She is a TPE model coming with all the three orifices, vagina, anus, and mouth. Camile features a steel skeleton offering great support to all its positions. She is an ideal model for those interested in C cup bra sizes. Like the rest of the top 5 models, it allows numerous customizations to match the buyer’s exact requirements.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Mini Sex Doll

The entire mini sex doll collection is an extensive one. For that reason, it often confuses lots of buyers making their most suiting models. However, the secret for these only relies on the following quick selection tips.

Material Type

Based on material, mini sex dolls are only of two types, silicone, and TPE. The two are ideal materials; however, silicone remains the supreme for its higher quality.  It demonstrates higher levels of durability, flexibility, and smoothness against TPE. The two, however, brings out the most realistic sex dolls in this category.

Size; Height And Weight  

In size terms, mini sex dolls weigh differently. While others like Grizel measures 65cm, Bernice goes up to 100cm. The same applies to their weight. There is a mini sex doll weighing much more than others and those in the middle.

If you will often need to travel with your doll, probably the short and lightweight would be most suitable – because of high portability. Otherwise, the tall and weighty can be an alternative as well.


About orifices, you will have to consider how many they are and their designs. A full-body mini sex doll has three orifices, mouth, vagina, and anus. A torso mini-doll will mostly have two. Because of varied choices among buyers, mini sex dolls often feature varied orifical designs. Apart from their shape, some are replaceable while others not.

Based on these considerations, the best mini sex doll will be that with most convenient orifical features to you.

Realistic Type Or Not

Realistic sex dolls are more life-like, and they make the use of sex dolls feel more real. Fortunately, many recent designs are a real doll. More additionally, they come with additional features like artificial intelligence plus other robotic characteristics. Some of these can talk, warm-up, and make programmed movements.

Why You Need A Mini Sex Doll

Do you need a mini sex doll? Many people would rather go for full-size sex dolls for their tallness, forgetting that the mini-dolls equally have tremendous advantages. If you are therefore wondering why you need a small sex doll, here are the reasons;

High Portability

Compared to the full-size sex dolls, mini dolls offer great portability. They come with a short height and a less weighty body; hence it is even easy to carry them along in your travels. Most importantly, their lightness adds much more convenience during sex  – you can easily shift their positions.   

Storage Space

Mini sex dolls are ideal models for persons with limited storage spaces. With an average height of about 75cm, it is easier to find storage space within your little room.

Realistic Experience

The mini sex doll collection mainly composes of the most realistic sex dolls. These dolls come with smooth, soft skin, plus a general realistic appearance in terms of shape, design, and body size. It is out of this life-like appearance that they enhance the sex thrill for their users.

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As an amateur, some less costly ways to explore sex dolls’ use is getting a mini type for testing. Most of these dolls come with all exact features as their full-size design matching models. They, therefore, can fulfill all sexual desires of their users.

Most importantly, is about their rates. They sell at cheaply affordable prices, which is quite fair for anyone who wants a feel on them.

Caring Procedures Of A Mini Sex Doll

If you have successfully cared for any other sex doll before, then mini types are no different. It is only their size, which brings the difference – otherwise, all the procedures apply to them as well.


Either TPE or silicone, every sex dol calls for proper cleaning and disinfection after every session of its use. This first step cuts across even to the torso dolls.

You can bathe your doll, therefore, in a shower, and it should be the hand type when dealing with TPE sex dolls. Otherwise, it will be easier for water to seep into the skeleton through the neck to cause internal damage. The cleaning, though, needs to focus on the orifices to avoid infections when having a session with your doll next time.


Lubrication on this step concern the orifices. Before engaging any of them, you must apply recommendable lube to soften the area and reduce friction. This way, there will be no more chance to injure yourself and interfere with the structure/ shape of the doll’s orifice.

If you use the AI robot dolls, you may not have to do this. The dolls will automatically wet when aroused. Though sometime later, you will have to refill its lube sack.

Mending Damages

Maintaining is another key way to care for your doll. Typical damages with sex dolls include problems with joints not moving and damage to the skin. Whenever these occur or any other, it is more important to seek a solution from experts before it is too late.

Are Mini Sex Dolls Better Than Big Size Sex Dolls

It is mainly the level of portability that separate the mini sex dolls from the full-size types. Due to their small sizes in terms of height and weight, mini sex dolls tend to be more portable. Otherwise, the selections come with the very same and similar features.

Some of these include orifices’ designs, race, body curves, eyes, ears, and much more. Others also feature AI robotic features, which makes them more equals when it comes to better performance.

The Most Reliable Place To Buy Your Best Mini Sex Doll

Best mini sex doll shops are those who offer quick delivery, quality products, and above all fair rates. 69realdoll has not only quality products but reliable free delivery services for anyone. You can check our buying guide for more information on shipping and other logistics relating to your buying.

Final Thoughts

The mini love doll category is of a great choice for anyone who enjoys quality and, above all, great portability. Here you come to meet a variety of sexy models with the most erotic features you want to see, touch, and engage. Getting your best type only needs your sexual preferences and willingness to try out their performance. They never disappoint from all sexual aspects you imagine.

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