Men’s Health Guide For Different Ages

Men health

As the core of health—reproductive health, women should pay attention to it, but men should not be negligent. In fact, a large number of men suffer from sexual dysfunction, infertility, and menopausal syndrome. Modern men should say goodbye to their narrow understanding of men’s health, go to the hospital for examinations, and face their own reproductive health. In this way, many diseases can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

While men are fighting hard, their bodies are undergoing various tests.

The Men’s Health Guide helps men solve the problem smoothly.

20-30 Years Old, Physical Pain Points Of Young People

Premature ejaculation: If you make love for only 3 – 5 minutes, then the initial consideration is premature ejaculation. But you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself. The problem of premature ejaculation should be dealt with promptly, the cause should be determined, and the diagnosis and treatment should be conducted.

Prostatitis: There are many clinical 20 -year-old prostatitis patients; the reason for the illness, because they all have the following bad habits: 1, sedentary; 2, Rocker his legs; 3, irregular life; 4, stay up late; 5, Spicy food, etc.

If the symptoms cannot be improved and eliminated, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

30-40 Years Old, Beware That Male Diseases Come To You

Male infertility: For men who give birth to children around the age of 30, due to various reasons, their original vigorous fertility has become worrying. Especially remind male compatriots to quit smoking and limit alcohol, not to stay up late and sit for a long time.

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Health Tips

Sex too often, or very few, not conducive to the woman pregnant. It is recommended to have sex 2-3 times a week. Don’t wear tight underwear, go to the sauna less, and pay attention to a balanced diet.

Erectile dysfunction: The 40 -year-old is theoretically the moment when men reach the peak of their lives, but men’s health has begun to decline, and erectile dysfunction is prone to appear.

Health Tips

Do more aerobic exercises, such as jogging, playing ball, swimming, etc. Eat more mutton and other foods that can warm the kidney and yang in moderation.

If you have symptoms such as a weak erection, you should go to the hospital for a clear examination before symptomatic treatment under a doctor’s guidance.

40-50 Years Old, When A Man Encounters “Menopause.”

“Menopausal” syndrome: 40-50 years old, male androgen function gradually declines, will bring a series of symptoms of physical and mental disorders, which is the so-called male menopausal syndrome.

Health Tips

To ensure adequate sleep, eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and eat less spicy and greasy food. Adjust your emotions, interact with relatives and friends more, and maintain a pleasant mood.

50-60 Years Old, Neglected Prostate Cancer

The frightening thing about prostate cancer is that it is not easy to be detected at ordinary times, and when it is discovered, it is often already at an advanced stage.

Health Tips

It is recommended that men over 50 have a regular physical examination at least once a year. Usually, eat less greasy, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, do not hold back urine, and not sit for a long time. Do some exercise in moderation, such as Tai Chi and walking.

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Men of different ages have different physiological characteristics. They should develop a strong sense of health and form a healthy lifestyle. Early prevention, early detection, and early treatment of diseases should be done.