How To Use Your Sex Doll In Secret During The Quarantine Period

Coronavirus & Sex Doll

The quarantine period due to the covid-19 pandemic has changed quite a lot, especially our lifestyle. Today, many people have moved their jobs to home as one way of reducing social interaction and so the spread of the virus. Nevertheless, this has not gone well with everyone. Some sex doll fanatics now find it more complicated than ever to use their love dolls for fear of being seen.

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It is true; not all people have some appreciation for sex dolls; however, for some, it is always a no. In this article, we are sharing practical tips you can use to ensure no one knows about your sex dolls.

Chose Most Secure Places For Hiding And Use

Your mom, or wife, can be very investigative, checking all corners of the house whenever they suspect a thing. Well, the situation is you know them better, you identify areas that they mostly check, often or not. Always there is one room, section, or hidden place; they never bother checking, well there is where you should hide your doll or probably use it.

Best suggestions of these places could be;

  • Utility Room: This room could be a farm store, a corridor, dungeons if you live in a mansion, or any other. It is in rare occurrence you find people visit these places.

One tip for surviving with this is not to let anyone follow you aware or non-aware. It might look suspicious of you being seen often going to such rooms more so at night probably because that is when it is more convenient. Always remain cautious in every move on this; that way, you have a guarantee to survive.

  • Under An Enclosed Under

A bed with an enclosed under is another best place you can hide your doll. When no one is in the room, you can remove it for use after you have locked your door. In case yours is opened then, you better cover your doll with some unsuspicious material when hiding.

  • Locable/ Hidden Closet
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Does your bedroom have local hidden closets? These are highly prime sections where you can reliable hide your doll and use them when no one is in the room.

Note: If you are married, this could be tricky. In most cases, your partner will be suspicious of your locked closet. Also, they might find a few leads such as sex doll’s clothes you forgot to hide, thus causing you a lot of trouble. Otherwise, with great keenness, you can never go wrong with your operations.

Wait For When No One Is Home

As much as it is a lockdown period and people are required to stay indoors, there will still be chances to go out. At some point, you will need suppliers that you have to get from the stores. Sometimes it could be work, meeting friends or anything else. Well, if your family is out or your wife, you can utilize this time to sex-play with your doll. If only you could be lucky and they go for long hours a day or two, then you can have all the time in the world.

As usual, also on this, you must remain careful. It will be much okay to pay attention to when anyone is coming back. Your doll will need cleaning after use, and that can happen only when you have enough time. Furthermore,  locking the door when playing with your doll is critical. You never know, someone can burst you on the act mostly when they return unexpectedly earlier.

Book A Room

 When you find no chance to use your doll at home, you can still always identify other convenient places for this. An alternative in this scenario could be some hotel-room, your office, or any other house you have somewhere in secret. Here you will have all the freedom to enjoy every bit with your doll.

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Book A Room 1199x800 - How To Use Your Sex Doll In Secret During The Quarantine Period

It is quite fortunate that sex dolls come in various models sizes; tall, medium, and short/ small. The small types can conveniently fit in your travel bag, meaning you can pack it and leave home without no one noticing it.

Ferrying the lifesize types could be tricky, but still, you can find the best trick about it, for instance, packaging it in non-suspicious material and form. Also, you can decide and load it to your car when no one is home or noticing.

Wait Until Everyone Is Asleep

This tactic will only work when you do not have a partner in the same room. At night when everyone else is asleep, it is much comfortable to remove your doll from the hideout and use it. Still, with this method, you must be alert; too much noise fro your room might attract the attention of those even asleep. You better, therefore, keep the pace down and ensure no one can hear your moans from outside – the pleasure can be intense at times, you know!

Supportive Tips You Must Know

If the above tips sound useful to you, then here are a few more tips to top them up.

  • Chose Sex Doll Type According To The Situation At Home;

Not all sex doll types you can quickly and secretly handle in every house situation. If you live in a small house with your family members, four or more, it can be quite tricky quietly using your lifesize design, maybe a torso doll.

Sex dolls are of various dimensional designs, and always the smallest is best for a house with lots of people. In their case, you can quickly and more conveniently hide and even use them. Tall, full-size sex dolls are best used in larger bungalows where there are several rooms and sections where you can hide and also use them.

  • Always Choose The Right Moment To Access Your Doll;
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It is a better idea of limiting the time you access your doll for use or cleaning. Some of our family members are kept at what we do, and they will discover your secret soon before you know it. Mostly at night or when no one is at home is the best opportunity for any of this.

The quarantine period is truly a mess to almost everyone; however, you should never let it take away your sexual pleasures when there is an alternative. Sex dolls are quite handy during this period. They are the most trustworthy partners from you; you could be sure not to contract the infection. The various models are quite available, you can look ou for more of what we have: Robot Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsBBW Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex DollsAmerica Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTeen Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsSmall Breast Sex DollsBig Booty Sex DollsMature Milf Sex Dolls