2020 Best Christmas Gift Sex Dolls

Best Christmas Gift Sex Dolls

Let’s forget about the typical Christmas gift ideas; watch, dress, shoes, etc. This time, let’s think a little outside the box, sex doll. These items have been there for quite some time now. They started as mere sex tools, but today, they are more than that. Idolators now have them as wives, and many other owners brand them, great companions, to have.

As much as sex dolls can a valuable Christmas gift, many people never chose it as an option; why?

  • Contradictory opinions

First, ever since, sex dolls have been controversial items. While others support them as well as their use, others entirely despise them. We may never be sure about the receiver’s wish to have one unless they are into them as well.  

  • How to present it

Most gifts are presented in public, such as Christmas evening parties, so how would one explain sex dolls? The rest of the attendees will always want to know what gift is coming in a human-fitting size box. At times this cannot be very pleasant, especially if we do not expect it.

However, these two are the main; there is a bit of not knowing how to choose the best sex doll and maybe not having enough money to buy a particular model. Gifts we all know must be memorable and at least likable by the receiving party.

Therefore, for those looking for the best Christmas gift, sex doll 2020, we have just saved you the hustle. Based on quality evaluation on price, functionality, and durability, here are some of the best models to go-for.

Dominic 163cm C Cup Life Size Sex Doll

sex doll 32 533x800 - 2020 Best Christmas Gift Sex Dolls

Sexy body curve rocks! Anna is top of our list for numerous reasons. First, her appearance. This TPE model is a realistic/ lifelike blonde design that offers consistent pleasures in bedroom matters. Her curvy body is a charm; every angle she poses reveals her unique and sexual appetizing assets.

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Dominic weighs 36kg, a suitable weight for proper management even as a gift – it will not be like we are straining with a massive staff at the back of our track. This doll is always pocket friendly for those who may want to mind the price and still offers fantastic services for both sexual and companionship engagement.

Imogen 165cm A Cup Fantasy Sex Doll

IMG 4995 533x800 - 2020 Best Christmas Gift Sex Dolls

Second in our listing is Imogen. Forget about her common name. She is the queen of beauty, a blend of perfect companionship and sexual power. Isabella is an ideal sex doll option for those looking for highly functional models but cheap.

Despite her reluctant price, Imogen is a pro-sexual gamer. She allows for anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Many who have used her before cherish her soft TPE skin, blonde hair, and mostly curvy shape always make her unresistible.

Because of her Japanese racial inclination, Imogen most likely suits the Japanese people; however, this should not be the ultimate. Still, their lots of Americans, Asians, Africans, etc. Who will appreciate this quality sexual appetizing machine? They will enjoy holding her flat tummy, bending her into the sweetest sex positions they want most.

Carina 158cm I Cup Fat Love Doll

MG 4119 533x800 - 2020 Best Christmas Gift Sex Dolls

Carina is in her mid-twenties. She is a sex queen, a detailed definition of a sex partner and a companion who never disappoints. This fantastic model is a reflection of a fair price between ultimate functionality.

Carina is a TPE lifelike sex doll machine that throws in a great challenge for women in real life. She is one of the curvy model, a representation of beauty from every nature of its definition. Desma is an ideal choice for a Christmas gift because of the following;

  • Fair price for a realistic sex doll
  • Lightweight: she weighs 35kg, a highly manageable weight even in traveling
  • She is super beautiful from face to her curvy body
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Like any other lifelike doll, Desma offers an absolute sexual thrill to those who ever have the opportunity to ‘taste’ and be with her. Always, therefore, it should never miss in our gift selection list.

Leanna 165cm Asian Sex Dolls

13 533x800 - 2020 Best Christmas Gift Sex Dolls

In such economic, tough times, we may not need to spend heavily on sex doll gifts despite looking for quality and appropriate quality. Leanna is undoubtedly a proper choice for anyone looking for top quality gift dolls in 2020.

Key features of Juliet – best Christmas gift doll

  • Lightweight: Leanna weighs 35kg, meaning she is a lightweight sex doll easy for manipulation in different positions. Also, this helps in transportation. If the recipient is traveling, they will probably need something convenient not to weigh them down.
  • Relatively low rate: Compared to many other models in her selection category Juliet is always cheaper.
  • She is a quality model: TPE made, has a steel skeleton, flexible yet incompressible butts, and boob features.

Many people would prefer Leanna for these reasons; however, the doll’s prettiness is the most basic. Her face always has a smiling hint, a glow, and a sexy look that is often irresistible.

Seika 172cm B Cup Christmas Special Sex Doll

DSC 4514 534x800 - 2020 Best Christmas Gift Sex Dolls

Seika will most likely suit those who love black complexion alongside big butts and boobs. The 38.5kg doll is a quality gift to a friend, family member, or any other who enjoys serious fuck from pro-sex gamers. With her great weight, Seika can be a quality gift to those who are well built and would prefer such to hold tight, squeeze in a corner probably as they enjoy the carnal game.

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Seika, like the rest in this listing, is a lifelike sex doll. Therefore, this means it comes with all the sexual capabilities; anal, vaginal, and oral. Those who prefer her taste will so much enjoy her exquisite beauty marked by her flat tummy, pretty face, and soft butts and boobs.


As sex dolls continue gaining popularity across the world, we believe more people will consider them among gift ideas for various occasions. Sex dolls have evolved over the years, a transition that has now yielded more realistic models that are super-efficient. Concerning the latest AI robotic sex dolls, these items can now produce sound moves and even warm their body. All these advancements are expected to heighten even more soon to let us have even better dolls everyone would think about.  

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