A Must-Have Summer Sexy Doll

summer sex dolls

It is yet another Summertime! We all have plans, don’t we?  Being the end year, it is even more fun this time as it now ties up with the Christmas celebrations. Our role as sex doll suppliers never ceases, even with the season alterations. This time we have the supper summer-themed sex dolls with adorable functionality.

For those interested in gifts sex dolls this time, we have saved your search hustles. The following list is a comprehensive guide to the best and must-have dolls for summer, but before that, let’s look at a summer sex doll’s key features.

  • Realistic appearance: Summer celebrations mainly involve outdoor activities; thus, you want something that attracts mass’ public attention. Weather at the beaches, walking parks, or home yards, no one would quickly note that they are mere dolls, more so if appropriately dressed. A sex doll torso can never be an appropriate choice in this selection.
  • Considerable weight: A summer doll should be mid-weight for size- this allows us to easily transport them amid our casual celebrations. A lifesize BBW doll may be only appropriate in the bedroom.
  • Fair price: Best summer sex dolls must not be expensive unless they will be used indoor. When we mean to go swimming and bathing, and so on, a cheap model is always most appropriate for if it gets damaged, and no loss is incurred.

Top 5 best summer-sex dolls

Julie 157cm H Cup Summer Companion Love Dolls

IMG 6176 533x800 - A Must-Have Summer Sexy Doll

Are you looking for a summer playgirl?  Julie is more than the most recommendable sex doll model to consider. She s the lifelike kind, one that comes with a definition of exquisite beauty and superior functionality. For her lovely outdoor dressing style, Julie undoubtedly matches every aspect of being a summer girl.

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Julie identifies herself with the Europeans following her beautiful long stretching red hair. When dressed in full swimming costumes, shades, and hats, she because that exquisite models we always would want to sit beside us on shores and sandy beaches.

For those who stay in Germany and Australia, accessing Julie is now quick and easy. We have our warehouses near you. Make your order today and indulge in absolute sexual freedom and beautiful company.

Nina 157cm AA Cup TPE Dolls

dsc 97691 1 560x800 - A Must-Have Summer Sexy Doll

What do the sexiest women in the world look like? Tall but not too tall, mid-weight, flat tummy may be, and curvy, right? In precision, you are describing our Nina. She is the best model everyone would want to have for a summer celebration.

This lifesize pleasure doll is an expression of absolute beauty mix-matched with great sexual functionality. In other words, she is a real indicator of creativity that fulfills and nourishes the passion for sexual fantasy.

Nina likes staying in her bikinis, exposing her sexy curvy body. Her pretty eyes blend well with her hint-to-smile face that in itself is quite seductive. Those who know well how to make fun with her would make her a company while boat riding, relaxing by the pool, taking photos, sand bathing, etc.

Like Julie, she has European racial inclination, red hair that blends well with her soft and smooth sexy skin. Her price is always moderate. Better get her sooner before anyone grabs the last copy.

Vanora 166cm Life Size Sex Doll

7O8A5933 533x800 - A Must-Have Summer Sexy Doll

A flat-chested maiden with an exquisite sexual vibe! Vanora is an exceedingly distinguished sex aid that well matches typical summer events. She is the model type, featuring a flat tummy sexy look, and touch. Like her lifelike sisters, she provides a realistic sexual experience for anyone who wishes to ride a sexy, skinny but curvy sex doll like her.

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Vanora features a considerable lightweight of 33kg. This means you can easily transport her via a wheelchair or even carry her to the next location. Another most encouraging reason to have Vanora is her fairly considerable price – even though her quality performance features, she still cheaply available.

Lisa 157cm small breast sex doll

7O8A3736 533x800 - A Must-Have Summer Sexy Doll

Our ‘sweet’ sexy Lisa is here for all those who may want a small-size breast option. This TPE sex doll is a grand definer of sex beyond sex. She is an outdoor girl, a sportsperson who likes working out to remain flexible and reasonable from her clothing fit.

Like any other lifelike sex doll, Lisa comes with three sexual capabilities; anal, virginal, and oral. Her aim ever is to trigger an ultimate orgasm in anyone who engages her sexual assets.

Lisa stands out as a summer doll first for her realistic/ lifelike appearance. Her skin is a  medical-grade TPE material that feels both soft and smooth. Secondly, she weighs considerably less, 30kgs, and still sells at a fair rate.

Alberta 151cm S Teen Sex Doll

7O8A4529 533x800 - A Must-Have Summer Sexy Doll

Last but not least in this listing is Alberta. We include here the outstanding features she has to support summer events. Alberta is also another lifelike sex doll with a unique appearance but similar characteristics as the above.

This model’s unique factor is her ‘age.’ Alberta is a teen sex doll with enormous experience for epitome sexual performance. She is a highly flexible sex master who will bend to various positions to give the best!

NOTE: Some states might not allow such usage of teen sex dolls, more so in public. There are always other options for those who must use them in hotels or secluded areas where there are no children.

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Alberta weighs only 30kgs, a decent weight for a travel sex doll. Most people will never notice you struggling to carry her around. Added with this, she is a blonde type sex doll. At least with that complexion, she camouflages among people at the beaches, walking parks, and so on.


A better way to celebrate any season, such as summer, is to plan for it. Our selection above focuses on saving your time but not only that, satisfy saying your wants. Being among the top sex doll suppliers globally, we are always open for more consultation on the best sex dolls for other occasions.

NOTE: We allow both half and full sex doll customization as a way to enable you to get the exact copy you want. For such particular order do not hesitate to contact us on time.

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